• And now for something a little more diverting.

    Introducing our new PTD diverter valve!

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  • Hey Sugar*,
    we have a valve for you.

    (*and other sticky or abrasive materials)

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  • Tacky? Teflon.
    Caustic? Chrome.
    Sticky? Stainless.
    Tough? Tungsten.

    You name it. We have a coating to protect your valve from it.

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  • Valves are not commodities.

    For every material, industry and regulation, we have a valve to optimize your performance.

    Find the right valve for your line.
  • Because you can't afford
    an unreliable valve.

    You need productivity. More safety. Less downtime. And you need to know your suppliers have your back.

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  • Disturb the piece.

    Introducing the Piece Breaker, the best weapon in your lump-breaking arsenal.

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