• Something big mini is here.

    Introducing our new Micro-Ingredient Valve.

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  • Disturb the piece.

    Introducing the Piece Breaker, the newest weapon in your lump-breaking arsenal.

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  • Because you can't afford
    an unreliable valve.

    You need productivity. More safety. Less downtime. And you need to know your suppliers have your back.

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  • Tacky? Teflon.
    Caustic? Chrome.
    Sticky? Stainless.
    Tough? Tungsten.

    You name it. We have a coating to protect your valve from it.

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  • We sell the part.
    We know the whole.

    We know what happens above and below our valves. Because we're systems people at heart. We want to help optimize your entire line.

    Benefit from our systems knowledge.
  • Valves are not commodities.

    For every material, every industry and every regulation, ACS has a valve to optimize the performance of your bulk handling system.

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