ACS Valves Rotary Valves for Bulk Material Processing

Reduce Labor &
Downtime Costs

ACS rotary valves can reduce your costs; others may cost you. See the difference.

Save $3,360
Per Valve, Per Year

Accelerate your payback by reducing compressed air use. See proof from ACS.

Valves or Feeders?
Feeders or Airlocks?

Process expertise; not a commodity. Get expert answers to process questions.

  • Reduce Labor & Downtime Costs

    ACS rotary valves reduce labor and downtime costsManufacturers' data confirm, at an average industrial true downtime cost of $500/hr., the 20 minute tool-less disassembly, cleaning, and re-assembly cycle for an ACS quick clean rotary valve compared to the estimated one hour 30 minute cycle for a leading bolt-together valve design, can save up to $583 per cleaning cycle.

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  • Save $3,360 Per Valve, Per Year

    ACS rotary valves reduce annual compressed air loss, saving you thousandsThe inlet/outlet seal produced by an ACS 8-vane rotary valve can reduce annual compressed air loss by up to 28 CFM when compared to 6-vane designs. Based on an industry average, annual cost of $1,200 per 10 CFM of leaked compressed air; annual savings in compressed air costs can reach up to $3,360.

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  • Valves or Feeders? Feeders or Airlocks?

    ACS valves provides expert answers to process questionsACS sales engineering and field sales reps can bring their applications expertise on-site; to build on your process-specific knowledge with a full line of ACS product solutions. ACS Valves products are not a machine shop’s side work or a conglomerate’s commodity business. Rotary valves, feeders, and airlocks are the sole business of ACS Valves. We’ve staked our name on it.

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Rotary Valves

For Airlock in Bulk
Material Processing

Rotary valves for providing airlock between areas of differing air pressure, such as: dust collection, material loading, and unloading.

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Aero-Flow Series Rotary Valve for Airlock in Process Applications