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Metering with Airlock

Rotary valves for measured metering of process materials in loading and unloading applications and for airlock in process applications.

Metering / Feeding

Rotary valves for feeding of process materials into pneumatic conveying applications, and for metering material loading and unloading.


Rotary valves for providing airlock between areas of differing air pressure, such as dust collection, material loading, and unloading.

Chemical Industry


Construction Industry


Food Industry


Pet Food Industry

Pet Food

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

Plastics Industry


Valves for Bulk Materials Handling

Keep your operations running consistently with tangible advantages, such as maintenance savings, reduced down time and less energy consumed.

Valves for Dust Collection

Designed to handle high-volume dust loads, these rotary valves help to enhance air quality and keep your machinery clean.

Pneumatic Conveying

For pressure and vacuum conveying, our rotary airlocks provide consistent and efficient metering, with zero interference from ambient air.