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And now for something a little more diverting.

Introducing our new Channel Changer plug-type diverter valve!

Designed for pneumatic conveying systems, the Channel Changer valve re-routes pellets, granules, powder and kibble with minimal product degradation.

How it works

Click and drag the blue slider to make the diverter rotate.

Improving efficiency in 30°

No need to build two separate lines. Process your materials together and use the Channel Changer valve to re-route them at the necessary stages.

The what and the why



  • Two, obstruction-free channels
  • Aluminum housing and endplates
  • Internal pipe diverters are aluminum with 316 stainless steel liners
  • Air-operated, complete with solenoids and reed switches
  • Pressure surge rated for 10 bar g (145 psi)
  • Temperature rated to 215°F (100°C)


  • Efficient processing
  • Easy to use
  • No product degradation
  • Minimal maintenance, easy to clean
  • Safety: no moving parts on the outside of the valve
  • Slim design for compact spaces
  • Sanitary

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