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ACS Valves Rotary Airlock Valve Test Center

We can test your product! Our test center is designed to test your materials to determine which airlock valve or feeder is best suited for your application. The two featured airlock valves in this system are the CI 8 Airlock and DR-S 8 Airlock (drop-in replacement for the HDX airlock).


Go ahead, make your valve

Put your own spin on our customizable valves to get the best valve for your application, material and industry.

Flexible Rotor
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We have a series of items available for quick shipment

Items include: Pressure blower packages, MD Series, S-Pellet Series, Diverter Valves, Flex Tip Series, Screw Conveyors

S-Pellet Rotary Valve
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Are rotary airlocks supposed to leak?

The answer is yes… and no. Airlocks aren’t infallible, but there are ways to minimize leaks and keep air flow consistent

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