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Ordering valves from ACS: How does it work?

To understand what it's like to order a rotary valve from ACS Valves, here's a breakdown of our ordering and shipping process.


Go ahead, make your valve

Put your own spin on our customizable valves to get the best valve for your application, material and industry.

Flexible Rotor
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We have a series of items available for quick shipment

Items include: Pressure blower packages, MD Series, S-Pellet Series, Diverter Valves, Flex Tip Series, Screw Conveyors

S-Pellet Rotary Valve
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Why we recommend ACST-4 shaft seals for valves

Shaft seals are some of the fastest rotary valve parts to wear out. We’ll tell you which seal type has the most longevity and why

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Ordering valves from ACS: How does it work?