Re-route material for maximum efficiency

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rotary plug diverter valve

Looking for a way to add efficiency to your process?

You might consider a plug-type diverter (PTD) valve.

Designed for pneumatic conveying systems, PTD valves re-route pellets, granules, powder and kibble with minimal product degradation.

If you’ve never seen one before, plug type diverters have one inlet port, but contain two channels (or pipes) inside the housing, each with its own outlet.

To alternate lines, the plug is rotated by 30°. Like this.

Inside the valve, the obstruction-free channels are well sealed between the housing and plug. Outside the valve, there are no moving parts, which ensures safety. Maintenance is also minimal and easily done—operators can examine, clean and (if necessary) replace the seals on the valve in place.

Diverter valve Final (with after effects)

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