Accurate and reliable

In plastics manufacturing, you're looking for accuracy and reliability, with no damage to the material. So when it comes to rotary valves, look no further. Cast in North America and CNC-machined for precise tolerances, our products are engineered to perform consistently and efficiently. With no cracks or crevices in the housing, pellets have no place to get jammed and pinched. If you're manufacturing plastic for a food or beverage application, rest assured that our equipment will comply with any standards you can throw at them.

CI Series CI Series CI with Quick-Clean RotorRail CI with Quick-Clean RotorRail Sanitary CI with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ Sanitary CI with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ MD Series MD Series MD with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ MD with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ Aero-Flow™ Series Aero-Flow™ Series AN-X Series Valve AN-X Series Valve BT Series BT Series Channel Changer Valve Channel Changer Valve DC Series DC Series Diverter Valves Diverter Valves Piece Breaker Flex Piece Breaker Flex DR-S Series DR-S Series Micro-ingredient Valve Micro-ingredient Valve P Series P Series S-Pellet Series S-Pellet Series S-Pellet with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ S-Pellet with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ SD Series SD Series Iris Gravity Valve Iris Gravity Valve