One valve to rule them all

With ACS CI Series valves, expect endless combinations of features and options for your application, your material and for your industry.

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The Fountain of Youth

Valves with special coatings and increased airflow to avoid material build-up, cracks and wear. Our valves have longer lifecycles to keep you producing the cosmetics they’re looking for.

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His compliments to the machinery

Keep pets safe by preventing cross-contamination and costly food recalls with reduced cleaning times and lower maintenance valves.

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Keeping your British Racing Greens green

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and usually the beholder can tell when your greens are looking a little yellow. Reduce material build up and corrosion to keep your pigments looking pristine with our coated rotary valves for chemical applications.

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Here’s to abrasion resistance and product longevity

Superior strength in your end products starts with superior strength on the conveying line. Reduce lifecycle maintenance times and valve replacements even with your most abrasive materials.

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Your plastic is in such great shape

We like to keep your resins looking good. That’s why no pellet pinching in our rotary valves means that your good quality resins can go on to make good quality products—no matter their application.

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Because we have a steak in your end product

Reduce material build-up and cleaning times with Quick-Clean, low maintenance valves. Your products will taste so good, they’ll want to lick the valve clean.

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Better bark with all the bite

Check out our Wood Chip Feeder Valve with positive shearing action for forestry and aggregates recycling applications.

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What to do if your valve becomes uncompliant

(Because it will)

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How to increase the life expectancy of your machinery

That rickety old valve has broken down again, and you’re tired of replacing it all the time. Here are some tips on how to ensure your valves last longer—and give you less downtime.

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