ACS Valves Valve Manufacturer

We design, engineer, and manufacture rotary valves for metering, feeding, and airlock in bulk material processing and pneumatic conveying applications. We stay up to date on industry regulations, as well as customer feedback, so we can apply new information into our designs.

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Alicia Simon Inside Sales Coordinator

There’s a certain amount of flow required to convey your materials consistently. And it’s the same type of flow that Alicia brings to the manufacturing of our own valves. She oversees everything from ordering to delivery, from start to finish, and makes sure that we stay reliable in our product quality and services.

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Brittany Dollimore Inside Sales Representative

Have a question about your abrasive materials? Brittany can handle it. Our durability expert’s patience won’t wear thin as she helps you find a solution that will fit right into your system.

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Greg Thompson President & COO of ACS Valves

Greg navigates through the mechanics of manufacturing as easily as wood powder navigates through a blow-through adapter. For expertise on everything engineering with mechanical and pneumatic conveying, Greg is your go-to guy.

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Jeff Kolmer Senior Mechanical Designer

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Megan Thompson President & COO of ACS Valves

Think your plant is safe from fires? Ask our residential NFPA expert, Megan, and she may tell you otherwise. Though her personality has plenty of spark, she’s invested her 26 years of experience in the industry to helping prevent explosions in plants like yours—and can tell you just what you need to keep your workers safe.

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Mike Rozon Purchasing Agent

Your machinery can’t function if it’s missing a part, which is why the ACS team can’t function without our purchasing agent: Mike. He knows the ins-and-outs of the industry and ensures that your valves are made with the best materials out there. That way, ACS workers on the plant floor can get the job done right.

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Nena Dallas Inside Sales Representative

Nena has never had a corrosive relationship with a client. Her expertise in special coating applications and conveying difficult products means that any customer she interacts with can be confident that their valves will last longer, and keep their end-product in great shape.

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Paul Bowman Technical Support

Paul really likes helping people. And with more than 25 years in the manufacturing world, he can help you keep your equipment functioning at its best. He will happily share his in-depth knowledge on testing, quality control and equipment engineering. That way you can keep a smile on your face as you listen to the smooth sounds of your machinery running efficiently, continuously, and uninterrupted by downtime.

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Terri Shipstone Inside Sales Representative

Sugar, spice and everything nice—no matter how many times your product recipe changes, Terri will help you make the experimentation process clean and easy. Her expertise in micro-ingredient, channel changer and easy-clean valves will help you get the best end-product, with less downtime.

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