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  • Drive Side Endplate Removal for ACST-4 Seals

    Need a guide to removing the drive side endplate on your ACST-4 seals? Watch a quick visual breakdown of the process. Video is silent.

  • Rotor Assembly Tolerance Check

    Keep valves compliant by ensuring rotor-to-housing clearance stays below 0.0079.

  • What you need to know about DHAs and NFPA 652

    Every material is different, so every valve has to be designed to handle each combustible dust in order to prevent deflagration.


Go ahead, make your valve

Put your own spin on our customizable valves to get the best valve for your application, material and industry.

Flexible Rotor
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We have a series of items available for quick shipment

Items include: Pressure blower packages, MD Series, S-Pellet Series, Diverter Valves, Flex Tip Series, Screw Conveyors

S-Pellet Rotary Valve
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Yes, you actually do need to check your rotor clearances

Measure your valve’s rotor-to-housing tolerances regularly to stay NFPA compliant and maximize material flow

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